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Sniper Elite 5 is getting it’s first community event, and it’s looking to be a good one. Here’s the trailer:

Basically, there are 3 parts to the event, and each offers a different reward if the community succeeds in earning enough points for each one.

The first, focused around invasions, rewards you with a new American 10x scope. The second is all about the precision: long-distance headshots earn you more depending on just how far away the target is, and completing that challenge as a community unlocks a new Axis rifle optic. The final is all about the organs, where nailing the balls to the wall (or heart) will earn extra points over other organs. This unlocks 25% off at the merch store.

The entire event starts July 11, and you can track your progress as a community here.

Good luck, Ghosts. I’ll be there with you working to unlock these so we can see if they change my rifle recommendations any!