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CI Games has stayed relatively quiet on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2; most of you know my chief complaint about SGW Contracts was the lack of real “sniper” ranges, which is why I loved SGW 3 so much.

Thankfully, we finally have something that makes me extremely excited. Just take a look at the teaser video below.

We can actually get some decent details from the video, too.

Obviously, we’re going to be hitting the desert in this round of Contracts, but beyond that, we also see that we’re no longer wearing the obnoxious geometric magic-mask.

The graphics look fantastic, too, assuming that is a real in-game render (most likely it is, given the limited texture detail on our target’s attire – when rendering longer ranges sacrifices have to be made, but landscape rendering tends to be easier to accomplish given it is typically static vs. NPCs).

The Steam page offers some additional details (plus a few screenshots), including the following..

  • Eliminate an array of targets from extreme long-range as contract sniper assassin.
  • Employ tactical decision making and stealth techniques to complete demanding challenges across 2 unique single-player campaigns.
  • Explore 5 distinct, extensive maps in the Middle East conflict zone.
  • Execute 24 new contracts and a range of side operations. 
  • Master an expert sniping experience featuring an authentic wide selection of weapons and gear.
  • Revisit each contract with a different approach to complete all objectives and collect maximum rewards.

We still don’t have a dedicated release date yet, unfortunately, but it is definitely worth watching for more.