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One of the oft-touted pieces of equipment in all the promotional materials for Far Cry 6 is the Supremos: These are special backpacks that provide unique special powers and bonuses. Once we got our hands on the game, however, I found that the utility of most Supremos to be mostly.. “Eh”. Still, there are a few winners out there that may be useful for a stealth playstyle. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the 3 best Supremos for stealth in Far Cry 6!

Volta Supremo

The Volta Supremo in Far Cry 6 is basically an EMP backpack. Within a limited radius it’ll emit an EMP burst that’ll disable vehicles and knock foes down. Where the usefulness lies here (beyond using a bow with EMP arrows, or EMP grenades) is that it will also give you a way to quickly disable an alarm if you can’t quite make it before an enemy triggers it, assuming you’re close enough.

Medico Supremo

The Medico Supremo, while not directly tied to stealth, is honestly the one I use the most (especially during special operations). It essentially gives you a second heal available, as well as giving you a safety net should you not be able to heal quickly before being taken down. Plus, after using it it’ll give you a boost to defense, which is always welcome.

Triador Supremo

The Triador Supremo is acquired through the Triada Blessings treasure hunts, but if you’re a stealthy player you should do those ASAP just to get the best amigo for stealth. It allows you to essentially mark and see enemies through walls, and is designed to work along side the La Varita rifle (which allows you to shoot through walls). This is a great combo if you have yet to take out all the alarms in a base and have alerted them to your presence, allowing you to eliminate the stragglers running towards an alarm (or even the alarm itself).