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We’ve seen a lot of tactical shooters get some attention, most, if not all, put together by small indie developers. Ground Branch follows that same trend, but has had some big news lately: Microprose is now the publisher.

With the injection of a major publisher, Ground Branch is poised to succeed in a way that others may not be able to.

What makes Ground Branch different, though?

First off: A developer from the original R6 team (Red Storm) is heading the project, and has committed to bringing back the true tactical nature of the classic tactical games to us. If you’ve never played the original Rainbow 6, you’re missing a lot.

Throw in deep weapon and character customization, methodical tactical gameplay, and a singleplayer experience and you’ve got something that’ll appeal to purists like me who have been severely disappointed in the direction the Rainbow 6 series has gone as of late.

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