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It has been a long, long week. I haven’t had a lot of time to game, and with everything coming up soon for fall releases, I need to get as much in as I can before I have to start reviewing and writing guides for new games.

First off is putting some time in Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends. I messed with it a bit, but haven’t really had a chance to play; My girlfriend has a habit of interrupting gaming, and since I can’t pause it in Legends, I can’t really play much. Thankfully, she’ll be out of the house for a good chunk of the weekend, so I’ll be able to focus on the challenge of playing Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends solo as a lone assassin.

Beyond that, I’ve also had a weird goal in Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Getting my most-used weapon to NOT be the TAC-50. While the TAC-50 is a great rifle (see my guide on the top 3 sniper rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint), I’ve been using the Recon A1 almost exclusively for some time now. In case you didn’t know, the Recon A1 is my recommendation for getting the most immersive sniper experience in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

So, that’s where we’re at. What about you? What are you playing this weekend? Let me know in the comments.