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Here is every review video I’ve produced for DMRs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint; more will be added as they are completed! First off, below is the current bullet drop & damage chart for all DMRs as they’ve been reviewed:

DMR damage & bullet drop chart as of 11/24/2021

OTS-03 Review

AUG Scout, M4A1 Scout and MK17 Scout Reviews

416 Scout Review

553 Scout Review

AK74 Scout Review

FRF 2 Review

G28 Review

G28 Scout Review

G28 Scout Wolves Review

G36C Scout Review

M110 Review

Read the full transcript for the M110 review here.

MK14 Review

MK14 Assault Review

MK14 Termination Review

Scorpio Scout Review

Scorpio Scout Quiet Review

SVD-63 Review

SR-3M Scout Review

Don’t want to watch the video? Read the SR-3M Scout review here!