The HOG-30A2 is one of the first DLC rifles released by CI, contained within the shroud DLC pack. It’s a heavy rifle with some unique aspects to it that also make it potentially a “pay to win” item. Let’s take a look at it in further detail.

HOG-30A2 Stats, Fully Equipped

This heavy rifle is fairly standard at first blush: Maximum damage and average stats (aside from fire rate and mobility) make this seem like a decent choice, but it’s “special feature” is that it has the fastest bullet velocity of any rifle in the game.

I discussed this a bit on my guide to ballistics on SGW Contracts 2, and honestly, it’s not that special, and is barely appreciable.

Aside from that, it supports the 3 most common types of special ammo that you’ll want to carry: AP, EMP and Explosive, meaning completing challenges earlier-on is going to be much easier in long range contracts.

HOG-30A2 Attachment Upgrades

Special: The HOG-30A2 can equip a bipod: This helps with overall stability, so definitely grab it. You’ll want it for long range contracts.

Barrel: You’ve got 2 choices here: A muzzle brake or a flash hider. Either are worthwhile, but you may want to consider the muzzle brake just for the added handling of recoil; noise reduction on this rifle is less important.

Magazine: Since you’ve got the choice of the 3 most useful types of special ammo here, grab the special magazine. No question.

Optics: Optics wise, like all sniper rifles, you can grab short, medium, long, and extreme long range optics. The extreme long range optic for the HOG-30A2 allows for a maximum 40x zoom (which is the highest, beating out the RON B107).

General thoughts on the HOG-30A2 in SGW Contracts 2

After extensive playtesting, this DLC rifle is.. Well, it’s worth it in the early game if you just want to rush through everything and complete as many challenges as possible.

It’s special feature (fastest bullet velocity) isn’t a game-changer at all, and while it can be useful for hitting moving targets just slightly, it’s not going to make things that much easier.

The 40x max zoom is definitely useful, though, if you’re looking to score some extremely long-range headshots. Combine that with the special ammo choices, and you’ll have a slight advantage over other rifles until you get the RON B107 and get it fully equipped.

Is it pay to win, though? Only in the early game. In the late game, it’s really not that useful.

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