Ghost Recon Breakpoint finally gets another bugfix patch – UPDATED

Posted - While nothing special, it's good to see that TU 4.5.0 fixes some bugs.

Sniper Elite 5 finally has a release date

Posted - And it's coming much sooner than expected on May 26 this year

Elden Ring’s first massive patch starts balancing the game

Posted - Among various fixes, cheese methods like Barricade Shield and Hoarfrost Stomp have been nerfed.

Elden Ring is delaying my review of Elden Ring

Posted - Can someone just make my entire job to play Elden Ring for the next month? Please?

AC Valhalla Title Update 1.5.0 fixes even more stealth bugs

Posted - Patch also contains necessary bits for DAWN OF RAGNARÖK

SPOILERS AHEAD: Elden Ring’s Stealth Magic

Posted - Updated 2/19: Elden Ring’s stealth embraces magic, too. Here’s what we know before launch.

Some people are upset about Elden Ring’s system requirements

Posted - Here’s why Elden Ring’s system requirements are - for the most part - completely reasonable

Don’t like Dark Souls? Elden Ring may be a good fit.

Posted - In less than 2 weeks we'll be seeing a unique new entry in the open world RPG space with Elden Ring

Of course there’s rumors of a new AC game with Basim

Posted - Assassin's Creed may get a return to it's roots with rumored DLC-turned-sequel

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Release Times

Posted - When will Dying Light 2 become available? Here's a map for you!

Dying Light 2’s Stealth

Posted - While the game isn't out yet, here's what I've been able to learn from various bits of gameplay regarding Dying Light 2's stealth system

Black One Blood Brothers is now out on early access

Posted - After abandoning BLACK DAY, developers showcase new game with a slightly different direction