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Articles about stealth games with a fantasy setting

9/25/2020, 18:18

Ghost Gaming Weekend: AC Ezio Collection get’s a fair shake

Plus SGW3 and, of course, more Breakpoint.

9/11/2020, 16:05

Ghost Gaming Weekend: Breaking out the “classics”

Breakpoint, Thief and Skyrim (WITHOUT mods) are among the games occupying me this weekend. What about you?

9/10/2020, 16:12

UPDATED: Ubisoft Forward: The hopes and dreams of stealth gamers

Once again, no new Splinter Cell in 2020.

9/9/2020, 16:29

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Updates

AC gets a new release date & stealth gameplay information updates!

9/6/2020, 8:41

Ghost Gamer History: The Thief Series

Thief: The Dark Project is a beautiful example of an idea becoming the inspiration for a world of gaming

9/4/2020, 17:59

The Ghost Gaming Weekend: Gray Zone, The Dark Mod, and Growing GGN

Playing some new (and new to me) games and looking at forum software is my jam for the long weekend.

8/31/2020, 16:16

Solasta: Crown of the Magister coming to Early Access on Steam

Hot on the heels of Baldur's Gate 3, Solasta embraces the D&D 5.1 ruleset and verticality

8/31/2020, 11:27

The Dark Mod: Bringing back the original Thief

I don't know how this re-imagining of the original Thief game escaped us, but we've seen it now.

8/30/2020, 7:53

Aragami 2 Dev Provides New Details On Gameplay & Coop

Combat now includes dodge mechanics, making you less squishy when stealth fails

8/29/2020, 8:54

The Stone of Madness Unveiled

The Stone of Madness combines tactical stealth gameplay with a unique story, art direction and sanity mechanics

8/28/2020, 17:28

Aragami 2 Reveal

The mystical ninja returns in a sequel, and has brought along some friends!

8/28/2020, 17:13

The Ghost Gaming Weekend: Free Stealth & Tactical Games!

Shadowrun Returns and Hitman are currently free, and more Ghost Recon Breakpoint sniper content coming!

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